How to Turn Your Handmade Crafts Hobby Into Cash

If you enjoy creating handmade crafts and you always hear people telling you that you should sell your creations, it may be time to journey into the world of selling your crafts for money.

Like starting any type of home-based business, entering the world of selling handmade crafts should be carefully planned out. There are many websites and venues where you can sell your crafts both online and off.

Before jumping right in to sell your crafts, whether locally through an online website, be sure to take some time and do research first. Ask yourself the following questions as you think about the idea of selling your crafts:

Will people even want to buy my items? This is the most important question you have to ask yourself. If there is no target market for your products, you will have a hard time trying to sell your crafts, not because your items aren’t nice, but they may not be in demand.

Who is my potential target market? This is a continuation of the question above because you need to know who to advertise to and how to successfully draw your target market to your items. It would be a waste of time trying to sell baby clothes, for example, to those who do not have children.

What will I charge for my craft items? Pricing is an important strategy. All too often, people underprice their crafts, forgetting to take into consideration the time and materials that go into a product. Make sure you account both the cost of the materials as well as the time and effort you put forth to create your goods. Also be sure not to overcharge. You may find that your items don’t sell because they are over priced.
Where will I sell my items?
Sell Your Crafts Online
Online websites are plentiful when it comes to selling handmade goods. There are websites such as Etsy and Artfire who only allow the sales of handmade crafts or the supplies needed to make them. eBay is also another popular venue to sell handmade goods. Be aware though, that you will be competing with the other goods that are not handmade and may be cheaper. A good description of the item and its benefits is always a good idea.
Sell Your Handmade Crafts at Craft Fairs
If you choose to sell locally, you can set up a local craft fairs. Craft shows are usually just a one or two-day local sale where you rent space or a table for the day. Other crafters will be there too so you can sell to the visitors and sell to other crafters.
Partner with a Local Store
Check with local stores that sell handmade crafts and see if they’d be interested in displaying some of your crafts on consignment. Be sure to get all of the sales terms in writing, especially if the store owner will be taking a type of commission.
It is very possible today to make some good money selling your crafts. With some work and planning, your handmade crafts hobby may even turn into a full time income source and you’ll be able to “quit your day job.”

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